West Virginia Daily Fantasy Sports

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Daily fantasy sports are a perfect alternative to traditional online sports betting. Instead of having to commit for an entire season, you can enter contests that end in hours or days. With daily fantasy betting, you can legally place real money wagers and start winning in West Virginia. Just create your team and roster and watch as players score points in live games!

wv daily fantasy sports

Playing Daily Fantasy Sports – how does it work?

If you are looking to get started with fantasy sports, you will want to know exactly how to DFS and start wagering to win money. To be successful, you should have some knowledge of the sport, the teams, and individual players. You will be creating a virtual sports team using real players from various professional teams.

Other DFS bettors will be doing the same and the created teams will then compete against each other when you enter contests. The important part of learning how to DFS is knowing how you can win. Points will be assigned for actions that happen during a game. At the end of the game, all points are tallied for your selected players and whoever has the highest number of points will win the contest.

Daily fantasy sports has become a top choice for those who wish to enjoy a fast betting experience. Since you only have to commit for a few hours or days, there is no long term risk. You can even pick up some great tips and daily fantasy advice at leading sites.

Fantasy Sports Basics

Fantasy sports betting has become one of the leading options for those that like to engage in wagering and want some easy ways to generate payouts. With your created fantasy sports team, you can enter a variety of contests and compete with others at your chosen daily fantasy betting site. You can play with friends or against any other bettor in the world.

When it comes to fantasy sports the markets are a bit more limited than with traditional sports betting. If you are just learning how to dfs, this is actually beneficial. You will be creating teams for popular sports so you will most likely already be familiar with teams and players. Most fantasy sports sites will offer options for creating teams for baseball, basketball, football, hockey, and soccer. However, you will find there are sites that have many other options as well, so you do have quite a few ways to enjoy the action of this form of betting.

Different Types of Fantasy Leagues to Play

When it comes to fantasy sports betting, you will find there are different leagues to play. Each site may have various offerings, but you will find that one of the popular leagues offered for daily fantasy sports is the standard draft leagues. With this, you will choose your players in a serpentine style draft and set your line-up.

There are two types of standard draft leagues offered and you should know about both so you can apply daily fantasy strategy when creating your team. With a head-to-head league, teams will match up against different teams each time. The team that has the best win/loss record will be deemed the winner.

There is also a total points league, where wins and losses are not tracked. Instead, teams will amass points on an ongoing basis and standings are determined by the total number of points. If you are looking at how to dfs, these two leagues are the most common and the easiest offered.

In addition to standard draft leagues, you will also find that some daily fantasy sports sites offer Auction Draft Leagues, Dynasty Leagues, Keeper Leagues, Survivor Leagues and more. The actual leagues will all depend on what sport has been chosen and what that particular site offers for wagering options.

Types of DFS Contests

There are two types of contests when you engage in daily fantasy sports betting. These include cash games and tournaments. If you are getting started and still learning how to dfs, you will find this information useful. You will want to know what type of contest will meet your needs. One daily fantasy advice point is that cash games will provide a high chance of winning a small payout. With tournaments, you have lower chances of winning, but the payouts will be significantly higher.

With cash games, you will mostly find 50/50s and head-to-heads. These are quite popular and are a good starting point when learning how to DFS. These contests are very simple to play and they do provide great chances at earning payouts. With a 50/50, the top 50% of the entrants in the contest will win payouts. With head-to-heads, there are just two entrants, so one will win and one will lose.

Daily fantasy sports tournaments are quite exciting and with our daily fantasy advice, these are what you should be looking at if you wish to generate large profits. They do attract many players and will have staggered payout structures. With most of these, you can use daily fantasy strategy to enhance your chances of winning and you will win the most if you land in the top 10%. The higher your score, the more you will win in payouts.

Best Daily Fantasy Sports Sites

The best daily fantasy sports sites will provide you with excellent chances at winning and will allow you to make use of daily fantasy strategies when choosing your teams. There are some things to watch for when you are making a site selection. Each site will have something different to offer, so be sure to watch for these five things when you are looking at how to DFS and how to find the best operating sites online.

  • Size of the site – Most of the large daily fantasy sites have great reputations and are well-known. The benefit of playing at a larger site is that there are often more recreational players. This means you can use your daily fantasy strategy to your advantage and will find the lower levels of play are easier to beat.
  • MultipleSports Covered – The best daily fantasy sites will cover popular professional sports in the US, including the NHL, NFL, NBA, MLB, and MLS. Some sites will also offer specialized sports, so you do have the option to win with golf, MMA, Motorsports, tennis, and other sports.
  • Large Bonuses – Make sure to compare the bonus offers presented when you sign up. These can provide free cash or free bets, so be sure to choose the largest bonus offer that has the lowest wagering requirement attached.
  • Reliability – The best daily fantasy sites will be licensed to operate in the US and will cater to West Virginia bettors.
  • Different Tournaments Offered – When using out daily fantasy advice, you should play at sites that have different tournaments. Watch for sites with guaranteed events as these offer some great payout amounts.


West Virginia bettors can legally enjoy daily fantasy sports at FanDuel. This is one of the best sites operating and you will find many contests and exciting tournaments. You will even find sections that offer daily fantasy advice and betting tips. The site offers desktop and mobile options and you can get a great bonus when you create a new account.


DraftKings is another great option if you want the best daily fantasy action. This site is also legal in WV and is known to be the leader in daily fantasy sports. Here, you can compete for prizes and enjoy some of the highest paying contests online. This site has many sports that are covered and there are multiple contests, including classic, Single-Game Showdowns, Tiers, and Flash Drafts. You can also pick up expert tips and daily fantasy strategy tips that can help you draft the best possible team.

Monkey Knife Fight

This is one of the newer DFS sites that is operating and you will benefit from some great betting options. Monkey Knife Fight offers a great feature where you can get suggested games that feature teams that you choose as favorites. There are endless contests that are offered and you can chat with experts to pick up some useful daily fantasy strategy information.

How to Get Started Playing Daily Fantasy Sports

After taking a peek at these best WV DFS sites, you can quickly get started. Just complete the registration form and fund an account. This will make you eligible for the standard welcome bonuses that are offered. You can then start creating your teams and rosters and enter different contests. With great daily fantasy advice, super market coverage, and some great payout opportunities, the best sites will cater to all of your DFS needs and provide a secure and legal way to enjoy the world of daily fantasy sports online or using a mobile device.

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